• Reindeer Breakfast Mix

      Reindeer Breakfast Mix

       – New Arrival

      Oh what fun it is to give this decorative reindeer box filled with a deliciously healthy mix for breakfast or anytime. Includes Banana Chips, Almonds, Dried Strawberries, Crispy Oat Nuggets, Plump Raisins and Yogurt Covered Raisins.
      14 oz.


    • 5-Way Snack Tray

      5-Way Snack Tray

      This compartmentalized wicker tray holds five exceptional holiday treats:

      • 6 oz. Mix of Plump Raisins, Peanuts, Chocolate Buttons and Chocolate Chips
      • 5.5. oz. Christmas Tree Pretzels
      • 8 oz. Pretzel Party Mix (Peanuts, Pretzels, Taco Sesame Sticks, Cashews, Sesame Chips, Cheddar Sesame Sticks, Garlic Sesame Sticks, Almonds)
      • 8 oz. Honey Gourmet Mix (Honey Sesame Seed Sticks, Honey Mini Chips, Honey Cashews, Honey Almonds)
      • 5.5 oz. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

      33 oz. total.


    • Harvest Gold Cranberry Almond Myrtle

      Harvest Gold Cranberry Almond Myrtle

       – New Arrival

      Special Handling May Be Required. See “Warm Weather Instructions” next to shipping at checkout.

      'Tis the season for a beautifully designed gift box packed with divine delectables. Cranberry, Almond and Caramel Myrtles are drenched in milk chocolate and sure to achieve sweet success for giving and receiving.

      Packaged in a unique paisley box with a ribbon on top.

      6.5 oz. total


    • 26 oz. Super Giant Cashew Decanter

      26 oz. Super Giant Cashew Decanter

       – Kosher

      Clearly a memorable and elegant gift that can be refilled again and again.

      • 26 oz. glass decanter
      • Filled with Super, Giant Cashews


    • Holiday Magic Combo

      Holiday Magic Combo

      We’ve been making the holidays magical for over 40 years now. So can you, when you send this show-stopping combo of:

      • 5 oz. Chocolate Covered Christmas Tree Pretzels
      • 8.2 oz. Peanuts
      • 8.75 oz. Holiday Magic Confetti Mix

      Packed in a festive green tin

      21.95 oz. total


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    • The Royal Tower

      The Royal Tower

      Give two keepsake holiday tins boasting the perfect combo of:

      • 1 lb. Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
      • 2 lbs. Roasted & Salted Super Giant Cashews

      Plus, an ornate topper enhances the festive appeal.

      48 oz. total


    • Silver Snowflake Tower

      Silver Snowflake Tower

      Let it snow...deliciously. This Silver Snowflake Gift Tower contains:

      • 16 oz. Super Giant Cashews
      • 16 oz. Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels
      • 16 oz. Holiday Medley (Super Giant Cashews, Almonds, Mammoth Pecan Halves, Macadamias and Shelled Pistachios)

      48 oz. total


    • Holiday Ornament Tower

      Holiday Ornament Tower

      Double treat with a bow on top: 19 oz. Milk Chocolate Nut Mix and 2 lbs. of Holiday Medley (Almonds, Super Giant Cashews, Mammoth Pecan Halves, Macadamias and Shelled Pistachios).

      • 51 oz. total
      • Festive, Holiday Ornament Gift Tins