• 10 oz. Giant Mix Bow Box

      10 oz. Giant Mix Bow Box

      Big in variety and flavor, this is hospitality at its most delicious. Munch on Giant Mix, Super Giant Cashews, Almonds, Mammoth Pecan Halves, Brazils and Filberts packaged in our red bow gift box.


    • 7 Way Assorted Treats

      7 Way Assorted Treats

      If you love nuts, and you love chocolate, this 1 lb., 15 oz tin gives you the best of both worlds. There's seven varieties of premium favorites in one tin including Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Super Giant Cashews, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Pistachios, Holiday Confetti Mix, Chocolate Covered Raisins and Giant Mix.


    • 26 oz. Super Giant Cashew Decanter

      26 oz. Super Giant Cashew Decanter

       – Kosher

      Clearly a memorable and elegant gift that can be refilled again and again.

      • 26 oz. glass decanter
      • Filled with Super, Giant Cashews


    • 1 lb. Holiday Medley Botanical Gift Tin

      1 lb. Holiday Medley Botanical Gift Tin

       – Kosher

      It's so easy to send warm wishes with this Seasonal, Botanical gift tin containing a gourmet medley of freshly roasted:

      • Almonds
      • Super Giant Cashews
      • Mammoth Pecan Halves
      • Macadamias
      • Shelled pistachios

      1 lb. total


    • Butter Toffee Almonds

      Butter Toffee Almonds

      Our whimsical Snowman gift tin is filled with Butter Toffee Almonds immersed in chocolate and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar.

      22 oz. total


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    • 4 in 1 Grand Gift Box

      4 in 1 Grand Gift Box

      We've framed a fabulous foursome of grand snacks: 6.5 oz. Honey Roasted Super Giant Cashews, 6.5 oz. Honey Roasted Nut Mix, 8.25 oz. Double Dipped Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts and 8 oz. Chocolate Toffee Almonds.


    • Thank You Party Pail

      Thank You Party Pail

      What better way to show your appreciation than with a generous 40 oz. helping of Pretzel Party Mix (Peanuts, Pretzels, Taco Sesame Sticks, Cashews, Sesame Chips, Cheddar Sesame Sticks, Garlic Sesame Sticks and Almonds).

      • 40 oz. total
      • Metallic, Thank You Pail with a Handle


    • 5-Way Deluxe Tray

      5-Way Deluxe Tray

      Rectangular wicker basket filled with five rows of snacks sure to delight everyone's taste buds.

      • 16 oz. Milk Chocolate Nut Mix
      • 12 oz. Pistachios
      • 12 oz. Super Giant Cashews
      • 16 oz. Chocolate Peanuts
      • 12 oz. Giant Mix

      68 oz. total